Presenteeism ‘impacting the productivity of workers’

CMI: “Most companies are aware that absenteeism can have a detrimental impact on their business, but new research shows that presenteeism is just as damaging. A report from refurbishment specialist Overbury has revealed that more than 85 per cent of 18-24 year olds said that presenteeism was endemic in their office, compared to two thirds (66 per cent) of those over 54.

Peer pressure is thought to contribute significantly to this trend, with two in five workers (42 per cent) saying their respect for a colleague would be diminished if they spent fewer hours in the office.

The findings also showed that half of senior managers (50 per cent) said they would be less inclined to recommend someone for promotion if the individual did not spend as much time in the workplace.

Chris Booth, managing director of Overbury said that businesses should be more flexible about the working environments of their staff.

He added: “On the one hand people are under pressure to be physically present in the workplace, but the offices they find themselves in are not conducive to concentration or creativity. More businesses need to realise that great ideas don’t arise from sitting at the same desk all day.”

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