CMI: Ethics crisis as “robotically compliant” managers stop caring at work

Our interviewees recognised the fundamental  differences between men and women – and how a  successful company needs both in order to sustain  its success. Jamie Lyons, Head of HR in the housing  sector, has experience with gender imbalance:

“Previously I have worked with both all-female and  all-male teams. In my opinion, having an imbalance  of one gender affects levels of productivity, innovation
and engagement in the organisation. This also has an  impact on recruitment because any new staff that are recruited will often recruit based on the existing staff profile, for
example the dominant gender, which can led to everyone thinking the same. An equal balance of males and females  creates a hormone balance for both genders to be productive and successful. The most successful  companies around the world invest a lot of resources and money in creating gender balanced  teams because they understand the effect it has on increasing the profit margin.”

Quote from ‘Managers and their moralDNA’ CMI research report:



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