CMI: Ethics crisis as “robotically compliant” managers stop caring at work

Quote from ‘Managers and their moralDNA’ CMI research report:
Some managers observed that it is not only people’s levels of obedience that can change, it can also be the very definition of ethical behaviour itself:

“The business world is changing so fast that the  definition of ethical behaviour is constantly evolving.  What it means now may be different to what it meant
a couple of years ago. … The work place has five  different generations all working together, for example,  there are veterans, babyboomers, Generations X
and Y, including generation Z in the future. What may  be ethical for one generation might not be ethical  for another, so it’s important for an organisation to
define those boundaries to ensure consistency across  the organisation. The ethical message needs to be  tailored to each generation’s perspective of ethical
behaviour in a way that they understand.”

(Jamie Lyons, Head of HR, Hightown Praetorian & Churches
Housing Association)






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