Boredom leading to unhealthy lifestyles in the office #cmi #officework #cipd

CMI: “Managers are failing to do enough to motivate employees, leading to overeating and health problems later on down the line. A study conducted by Fruyo revealed that over a quarter (27 per cent) of diets fail because of unhealthy snacking in the workplace.

The top three unhealthy snacks in the office include cookies, chocolates and crisps. Boredom was cited as the biggest reason why two-fifths of employees choose to snack on unhealthy food while in the office.

Some 31 per cent said a huge urge for an unhealthy treat led to them choosing to snack. Alison White, spokeswoman for Fruyo, said: “Many of us feel pressured by our colleagues to snack out of sight. To help with this unease, and promote healthy snacking, we’re challenging local businesses, across the country, to make smarter choices and swap their usual cookies and crisps for healthier snacks to feel the difference both within themselves and across their workplace too.”

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