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Daniel Barnett: Acas has published the first six months’ figures showing how early conciliation is working. Key figures:

  • over the first six months, it has conciliated in 37,000 cases (of which about 1,000 were multiple claims, covering about 8,000 potential Claimants)
  • 3% of early conciliation requests came from the employer
  • 10% of employees reject the offer of early conciliation once they have submitted the EC Form
  • similarly, 10% of employers decline to participate in early conciliation when Acas contacts them
  • preliminary indications show that 18% of early conciliations resulted in a COT3. Of those that did not result in settlement, over 2/3rds did not progress to a tribunal claim (but bear in mind there is some time lag built into this as an employee will have at least a month to bring a claim, and they might not have done so during the survey period)

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