Acas study finds high level of employment tribunal awards not paid #HR #Law #Management #ACAS

CIPD:” But in majority of disputes where Acas mediates, payments made without enforcement. A study by Acas has revealed a worryingly high proportion of employment tribunal awards are not paid, requiring the payments to be enforced.

Previously published data showed that only 53 per cent of claimants had received pay awards granted to them by employment tribunals without having to resort to enforcement channels, like bailiffs.

The fresh Acas research puts this collection rate in stark contrast to its own settlements.

While just over half of claimants collect their employment tribunal awards without any hassle, more than nine out of 10 employers pay compensation without the need for enforcement following an Acas mediated settlement.

The study also examined types of workplaces involved in disputes, compensation levels for pay awards and the topics of the disputes that Acas had settled.

It found that most settled disputes related to unfair dismissal (61 per cent) followed by wages claims (13 per cent). The average compensation payout was £3,000, while the majority of settled disputes were from the private sector (80 per cent) with just 14 per cent from the public sector and five per cent in the charity or not for profit sector.

IFF Research conducted the research for the conciliation service, studying 1,500 claimants who had settled with a COT3 agreement in both Pre Claim Conciliation cases and individual conciliation cases to measure the levels of payment and enforcement.

The study looked at cases closed between the beginning of January and end of March 2014, before Early Conciliation was introduced.

Acas Chair Sir Brendan Barber said: “This new research reveals that most employers pay out compensation when it has been agreed through an Acas settlement.

“It shows the crucial value of Acas’ impartial conciliation services in securing agreed settlements to disputes. But the low compliance rate with tribunal awards remains a major concern.

“Our new free Early Conciliation service continues to help people resolve their disputes. We are dealing with around 1600 cases a week and dealt with nearly 40,000 cases in the first six months of operation.”

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