ACAS settlements @cipdlondon @cmi_managers #HR #Law

BusinessHR: “research by ACAS, Payment of ACAS conciliated settlements, shows that 93% of ACAS-mediated settlements were paid in full without needing enforcement procedures (only 53% of claims awarded by employment tribunals were paid without enforcement.)

The average amount paid was £3,000, although 38% of claimants agreed non-monetary terms as part of their settlements. Median settlements during Jan-Mar 2014 were as follows:

  • £5,500 for sex discrimination and equal pay
  • £4,360 for unfair dismissal
  • £4,000 for disability
  • £1,590 for breach of contract
  • £830 for wages claims
  • £3,000 for other claims

The majority of settlements were related to unfair dismissal (61%), wages claims (13%), breach of contract (7%), disability (6%) and sex discrimination/equal pay (5%).”

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