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CIPDCIPD: Could a passion for learning re-invigorate your workforce as well as building broader skills?

That is the question the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) hopes HR will ask itself during its Festival of Learning, which starts at the beginning of May. A survey of more than a thousand adults, conducted by NIACE, found that the UK is a nation of wannabe chefs and musicians. With the popularity of the Great British Bake Off, it’s no surprise that cooking and baking tops list of skills that people would most “love to learn” with 39 per cent of respondents interested in it.

Playing a musical instrument and learning a language were ranked second (23 per cent) and third (21 per cent).Half (50 per cent) of the survey respondents said they would be prepared to take up a course to improve their skills in areas of interest to them, with 60 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds keen to upskill.

However, this type of interest-based learning has a broader benefit for employers. David Hughes, chief executive of NIACE, said: “This survey shows how much we all want to learn new things, it’s a natural part of who we are but it also shows that people need help to take steps to find where and how to learn.”

The top 10 skills people would love to learn included:

1.    Cooking and baking (39 per cent)

2.    Playing a musical instrument (23 per cent)

3.    Learning a language or languages (21 per cent)

4.    Singing (17 per cent)

5.    Photography (15 per cent)

6.    Dance (13 per cent)

7.    DIY (13 per cent)

8.    Art (11 per cent)

9.    Gardening (11 per cent)

10.  Creative Writing (11 per cent)

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