CIPD: ‘Pink LinkedIn‘ launches to help employer find talented LGBT candidates @cipdlondon @cmi_managers #HR #Law

CIPD CIPD (): “Employers will be able to enhance their visibility as an inclusive organisation by joining a recently launched website dubbed the ‘pink LinkedIn’ by its founders. The recruitment networking site was founded by gay twin brothers Adrien and Pierre Gaubert to help connect LGBT professionals with their dream jobs and give employers access to a more diverse pool of candidates.

The site operates as a professional networking platform, allowing members to upload their own profile and CV, search for new job opportunities, or simply share experiences and ask for advice from other members on the site. Members can also access a list of social events offering them additional offline networking opportunities.

Pierre Gaubert explained. “Any organisation posting job listings will need to have a supportive LGBT ethos and a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion, therefore assuring prospective employees that they will be accepted regardless of their sexual orientation.

“We hope the site will help remove the fear of coming out at work, which is beneficial to both the businesses and employees when they feel more confident about being themselves in the workplace. In turn we know that his leads to improved morale, productivity and staff retention – factors that benefit everyone in the working environment.”

The twin’s said their mother, Francoise, inspired them to set up the site as she was always worried that being gay may hinder their career prospects. Such concerns were supported by a recent report by Out Now consulting which found that 46 per cent of employees had seen or heard discriminatory comments at work and only one in three LGBT people said there was zero homophobia in their workplace (global LGBT 2020 study with 100,000 respondents published 2015).

Emma Bartlett, employment partner at Charles Russell Speechlys law firm, said positive action in recruitment and promotion is permitted under section 159 of the Equality Act, which came into force in April 2011. “Where an organisation recognises a need to promote LGBT as part of its diversity, then using a site such as this could be part of its overall diversity agenda provided it does not recruit exclusively through this company, ” she said.

Adrien Gaubert said the number of users to the site was currently growing at 100 new members a day. “We have received testimonies, encouragement and offers of collaboration from all over the world. This clearly shows both the need and enthusiasm for myGwork.”

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