CIPD: A new standard for HR @cipdlondon @cmi_managers #HR #Law

CIPDCIPD: Quality assurance experts BSI launch benchmark for excellence. BSI, the UK National Standards body, has published its new standard for people management. The catchily named ‘BS 76000 Human resource – Valuing people – Management system – Requirements’ is based on the premise that people, as an organisation’s biggest asset, are inherently valuable and should be treated as such.

The standard is relevant for an organisation with employees, volunteers or temporary staff – not just those who employ HR professionals, says the BSI. “Businesses that demonstrate this understanding are increasing their attractiveness as employers. Not only is this is a great way to draw and keep the best talent, it raises the bar and boosts reputation.”

BSI 76000 was developed following a 100-day public consultation that involved employers, academics, and industry bodies such as the CIPD, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Federation of Small Businesses, University Forum for Human Resource Development and TUC.

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