Do you need interim HR support with investigations, disciplinaries or grievances?

Over the last 15 years, I have been supporting employers with resolving various types of employment disputes. So do not hesitate to contact me if your organisation requires interim HR support.

At a recent networking event I attended, one of the main themes that emerged was the vast amount of HR resources being used to resolve employment disputes.

There was a consensus that HR teams are already stretched and the number of employment disputes are on the increase. The removal of Employment Tribunal fees and the ongoing media reporting of sexual harassment claims was highlighted as reasons behind this increase.  

Resolving employment disputes can be very complex and time consuming. However, organisations have both a legal and moral obligation to resolve employment disputes.  

Below I have provided some warning signs highlighting when organisations might require interim HR support to resolve an employment dispute:

  • No clear resolution date, despite spending several weeks trying to resolve the employment dispute;  
  • Unable to allocate a dedicated resource to promptly bring the employment dispute to a close.
  • The employment dispute is disrupting and jeopardizing the completion of major change, transformation and value-added projects.
  • You do not have the internal expertise and/or the resources to ensure a fair process is followed in line with ACAS guidelines and employment law.
  • The employee is outwitting your organisation’s attempts to resolve the employment dispute. Therefore increasing the risk of your organisation losing at an Employment Tribunal.

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